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Our house & host family Frenademez

Roda de Ciar: on the sunny side

… a couple of hours of dialy sun is guaranteed to our guests, because our house is located in one of the sunniest places in the whole valley.

Place in the sun


The “Roda de Ciar” house is located in Val Badia between La Villa and San Cassiano and dedicates its name to the last postillion who arrived in the valley. The words “Roda de Ciar” come form the ladin language and the meaning is “wagon wheel”.


In 2020 we have expanded and modernized our home. New holiday apartments have been built.
A local carpenter has created a very comfortable atmosphere. During the renovation we have extended the terrace, where you can relax perfectly: deck chairs, fresh mountain air, a covered barbecue area and a ping pong table invite you to spend good times together. A beautiful hiking trail leads directly from the house to the pilgrimage site of San Ojöp Freinademetz, the first saint in Ladinia, very popular among the population of the valley.

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